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We posted these videos for educational purposes only. We believe education and examples is first in any security or safety situation.

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​We agree with many in the IT threat protection world, that hackers will innovate the methods of hacking in the year 2017. Criminals in the cyber realms of reality follow the money. The money is cheap to use in the development of smarter Randomware because corporate IT departments are not using the proper detection and prevention methods. Corporate IT departments need to appreciate the necessity of preventative practices. Communicate with state, local, federal and private security professionals the attempts to hack their systems and share this information across multiple platforms. With HPC systems becoming more common and the increasing capabilities of machine learning it is becoming harder and harder to prevent attack.  Contact us today and have a consultant look at what solutions we can offer you today.​

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Security and Safety Examples not to follow. As seen on the fabulous E! channel's Brilliant  So Cosmo "fearless females" S1 E2 2/8/17

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With our dedicated, security management, project managers, you’ll receive a combination of expertise, advice and support from a team of professionals who really understands your business.

Our diversity as mentioned previously, can always provide comprehensive solutions to the unthinkable, because we prepare for the unexpected situations. Our clients exist in all areas of professions including, corporations, government agencies, organizations and or other private entities.  Our clients have received effective and efficient solutions to a wide variety of concerns including, event security, executive protection, asset protection, corporate investigations, disaster services, emergency response, crisis management, access control, workplace violence, conflict resolution, and a host of other customized solutions. Our consulting firm, takes every opportunity to develop lasting relationships and making friendships with professionals across a wide spectrum of professions. 

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​Although we thrive in a diverse environment that provides security solutions to unthinkable situations, we still believe that education can save lives and we would like to present you with a real, reality TV scenario that actually happened. Play the included videos to the right and then continue reading below for our solution example.

A great example of our Diversity and Knowledge working together is our unique security management solutions combined with our Active Breach Testing (ABT) techniques. They are drafted from our think tank of creative professionals communicating with our team of security consultants that have listened and reviewed your unique set of circumstances. These professionals create solutions from proactive, creative and comprehensive,"out of the box", "what IF" thinking, that actively tests your organizations security and safety techniques, protocols and or policies.  Another solution example is our unique training programs.  They are designed for diverse environments, that have unique situations requiring actionable solutions, for real life threats. This training stimulates critical thinking, engages emotions, and fully immerses the trainees into a realistic, interactive scenario. Our clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations. We work with our clients so that we may provide customized, context-based training tailored to meet their individual needs. We organize and train your own associates as volunteers. They can immediately respond to a given situation inside your organization. We have established many Certified Assistance and Resource Employees (CARE)  programs as  Certified Incident Response Professionals. These program consists of employees that volunteer to be educated and trained professionally to respond to incidents inside your organization. They will offer the peace of mind and calmness needed to save and preserve life during an emergency. There are so many active shooter and work place violence situations that occur, not including heart attacks and fires, that having trained volunteers assist with the situation as well as fellow co-workers, while providing a line of communication to the local first responder's from 911, can mean the difference between life and death. The continuous regular training, practice and communication these groups receive from fellow groups all around the world will make a difference in your work force. A positive and rewarding experience that promotes team work and self esteem. A sense of togetherness and unity creating productivity through a sense of accomplishment and belonging. This is only one example of the many solutions InSight can offer. We remain diverse in our knowledge and ready to help your organizations state of readiness through a variety of unique and special programs that we offer. We love to educate in addition to our security management and investigations skills.

One way we gain this knowledge is through an in depth study and understanding of each and every situation that we at InSight come across either actively or passively. We then analysis and compare that to our clients situation by conducting various assessments. In 2017, we started a special investigative department dedicated to this in depth study and understanding. We are continuously developing the protocols necessary to protect organizations like yourselves from new and unperceived threats at any time. Our "think tank' of professionals can be scheduled to actively test your organization security preparedness, document our exhaustive and comprehensive findings, including but not limited to video documentation, where you can actually watch, and view, the proceedings and performance of any test. This will be invaluable in documenting your due diligence  and when InSight conferences with your organizations management team to ensure your state of readiness.​​ Our security management consultants can offer so many more solutions but we truly thrive in offering solutions to the unthinkable situations that plague so many organizations in this ever changing world.

Emergencies will happen, the only difference is, are you prepared?

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