​​InSight leads the way in global security risk management consulting. With the ever changing laws, technology, threats and methods of responses, you need someone on your side who knows and has the real life practical field experience on how to accomplish the unthinkable.  Our management consulting firms humble, but wise approach, is that we don't profess to be experts. Each and every security situation is unique and unknown. We do claim to have an experienced approach to anticipate situations, think of the unexpected and form effective security solutions. We don't believe you can ever be an EXPERT in security management or safety. You can never know exactly what will or how something will happen. Our management consulting firm practices thinking the unthinkable and prepares accordingly. We are the worlds leader in security management because of our due diligence in our research, preparation, and skillful application of our solutions. Why take time out of your busy day, to try and communicate, negotiate, or otherwise manage a security and or safety project yourself? Concentrate on what you know, your business.

Let the Insight security risk management consulting firm manage the situation with experience, efficiency and accountability. 

Unparalleled cyber intrusion testing, protection, and security risk management consulting skills.

■  There needs to be even more cooperation between security risk management consulting professionals and law enforcement agencies to take down cyber criminals. Learn how you can help.

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McAfee Labs 2017 Predictions manual predict that the physical and cyber security industries join forces. Our risk management consulting firms professionals encourage everyone to click on the following link and read the latest. As a global team of risk management professionals we can make a difference in cyber crime. 

Actions define reality

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 hiring security solutions and risk management consulting professionals in all areas of expertise from all types of certification organizations.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We provide reliable and actionable security solutions by anticipating the unthinkable and preparing for the unexpected to all types of global security issues.  For example, we provide comprehensive security management solutions to  various special event security, executive protection, Facility risk management and testing for security breaches, non bias investigations, disaster preparation and response services, rapid response teams, conflict resolution, crisis management and emergency response, safety and security program  design and development with project implementation, protected travel logistics, asset protection, escort protection, access control, and a host of other customized security solutions. Our existing worldwide client base includes Corporations, government, healthcare, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, finance, non profit organizations, corporate business, community functions, and private entities.  Our  security management consulting firm, takes every opportunity to develop lasting relationships and making friendships with professionals across a wide spectrum of professions. This is done with loyalty, integrity and honor.    

One area of success has been in the manner in which we have pioneered our security management consulting practices and processes to proactively and physically test the clients existing security and safety policies, procedures and protocols for their security and safety effectiveness in real-time, while providing the client a first hand look into the breaches we create, as if it were a real emergency.  This is called Active Breach Testing. We owe our existence and success, to maintaining our loyalty and confidentiality to our clients and their needs. Our consulting firms due diligence, hardworking ethics and our performance as security management consultant professionals, keep our clients secure and satisfied. That is why our consulting skills and our security management abilities, makes us  #1 in providing actionable solutions to our clients.

We guarantee efficient, effective and comprehensive security solutions for your situation. Our security management consulting firms reputation and history of providing innovative, intelligent, and insightful technological security solutions to successful companies such as yourselves, and our clients security, speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping our clients - large or small. Many simply need to know how to proceed in choosing the right risk management techniques in today's economy with today's threats.  

Our security consulting firm fosters a down to earth, association and partnerships with our clients for a lifetime. Well after any contract has concluded. InSight builds life long commitments and networks worldwide that have an interest in being apart of a greater network of professionals. The most critical part of any security management and or safety program is understanding the people of an organization as well as clearly understanding the needs of the client, even on a personal level. Each situation must be handled on its own individuality and merits. Cookie cutting wont do. Actions do define reality. Inaction has consequences, what will you do?

Our security management consulting firm knows and recognize that our client's have individual and unique threats, security management concerns, and needs, that require the expertise that only our consultants, sub contractors, employees, and or any skill that one of our associate may posses. We have the experience to build a customized, comprehensive solution, for your needs, both now and in the future.  As a team we face every situation with diversity, knowledge and experience. Our security management associates have lived, worked, and studied extensively in the fields of their expertise, making them an invaluable partner. The educational, work experience and continuous training of our associates exceed all minimal standards of proficiency, CEU's, and or field training required for local, state, and federal first responder's. That is why the worlds leading organizations look to InSight for their security risk management, safety, training and assistance.

We provide accurate, immediate, and effective security risk management to any situation that requires a security and or safety response. We can assign and dispatch an immediate response team (IRT) to any situation that you may face 24/ 7.  365 days a year within minutes.

Our professional security risk management consultants are proactive to anticipate the unthinkable, prepare for the unexpected, while creating effective response solutions in advance of a given situation. Our security consulting firm professionals have the experience and the education to assist and advise government agencies in counter terrorism and intelligence techniques, along side in depth, non bias investigations that can with stand the scrutiny of being cross examined and prepare agencies for the unexpected through specialty breach solutions and testing. Our professionals can create the most comprehensive, intensive, custom breach scenarios that test for their specific security purpose.  

We are willing to help you also in your personal and specific security situation.

We efficiently turn chaos into organized productivity. 

Cyber Security 

Security is not for the financially timid

Our security management consulting team provides security solutions and risk management skills, because now is the time to develop intelligent networks capable of defending against the future of high speed multi worm malware attacks. Especially with the never ending connected devices to the internet and the incredible speeds of today's processors.  

It is impossible to explain every malware threat response but our security management team here at InSight have the professionals dedicated to IT Network protection to help you stay secure. Data breaches and corporate espionage happens every day and you need our security solutions and management consulting skills.            Schedule a consult  today with the nations top consulting firms, Insight.


Machine learning will be used to enhance socially engineered attacks.

As stated from McAfee download the 2017 PDF Threat Predictions manual. Help be a part of the security solutions to cyber threats.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​InSight security management consulting serves a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Loyalty is practiced. Forged in trust and truth. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. Our diverse risk management experience, combined with our investigation skills and our willingness to listen to our clients, allows us to maintain a close working relationship, long after any contract has concluded. We value our network of clients all across the world and for the knowledge and experience that they posses. We draw on this experience and diversity in helping each of our clients be more safe and secure. Creating a worldwide network of professionals from all sorts of professions  With each others help we anticipate effective and actionable security solutions. One of our most successful methods is active breach testing. Our management consulting firms actionable solutions and our security management has a unique ability to anticipate threats through our unique threat assessment tools used in the security management consulting industry. One of these tools that we have perfected is active breach testing. (ABT). For years we have been testing the physical, hardened security principles, of many highly secure points within government and private organizations around the world. These have included hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, oil and gas refineries and military installations. 

"We are a powerful, intelligent, and adaptive organization built for continuous growth,  allowing for real time adaption to the continuous changing security solutions and the risk management needs of our clients, in whose environments' they exist either actual or perceived, allows for our Innovation combined with greater diversity and personalization, we will then pass along a greater cost reduction that equals greater profits."-

Sam P., Insight accountant